Best apps for you phone

The best apps for your phone are probably the ones you go to just about every day. There are some obvious examples of this which will spring to mind, but others may not be as easy to identify. Let’s look at some common ones first.

Most commonly used apps:

  • Email applications
  • Instant messaging
  • Banking
  • Fitness monitoring
  • Social media applications

These are very common applications that many of us will use as our go-to apps. But there is such a wealth of choice out there in the app world that there are many more that might be big players. Let’s take a look at some possibilities:

Less obvious but superb apps:

  • Ebay – buy and sell online
  • Weather apps – keep track of what’s going on outside
  • Dating apps – for those who are looking for that special someone
  • Youtube – some light entertainment for any time of the day

There is so much out there to look at and to keep you entertained or help you at work.